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About WellOne

WellOne exists to make secondary healthcare more affordable and therefore more accessible for all Australians.

We believe health services such as visiting the dentist, having a massage or physiotherapy or even going to the podiatrist should not be an extra or a luxury; rather they should form part of a preventative and overall healthy lifestyle.

WellOne is Australia’s 1st discount healthcare membership offering members discounts of up to 40% off initial appointments and up to 15% off treatments with our participating healthcare providers across the 9 professions we currently service.

We are 100% Australian owned and operated and are passionate about what WellOne has to offer. We believe we have found a really simple and effective way to make healthcare and being healthy affordable. We aim to be friendly and approachable with a transparent and simple offering.

At its heart, WellOne is a partnership between patients and practitioners; we provide patients with discounts through participating practices and provide practices new and loyal patients so they can focus on what matters most – clinical care.

We believe WellOne is revolutionary to healthcare and hope you do too.

About WellOne
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