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I Have Health Insurance

There are two different types of health insurance and WellOne works a little different for each – Hospital Only and Hospital & Extras – which we explain below.

Hospital and Extras Cover

If you have Extras Cover you can save twice.

The WellOne member discount will be applied and then you will receive the rebate associated with your health insurance, which means you pay even less.

You’ll also receive the WellOne member discount if you have a pre existing condition not covered by health insurance, if you have reached your annual limits as well as if you haven’t met health insurance waiting periods. WellOne just keeps on giving that way.

The only exception is if you visit a practitioner and receive preferred provider fees. In this instance you will not receive the WellOne discount as the practitioner is unable to discount even further.

Hospital Only Cover

If you have Hospital Only Private Health Insurance, WellOne compliments this perfectly by giving you access to big savings on allied health without the expensive of extras cover.

A WellOne membership allows you to save on all treatments and item numbers at any of our participating practices; it’s that simple.

Benefits of WellOne:

  • There are no waiting periods.
  • There are no caps or thresholds.
  • No treatments are excluded.
  • Covers pre existing conditions.
  • Discounts continue even when you have reached health insurance limits.
  • The discount is the same at every appointment.
  • You choose your practitioner from our extensive network.
  • Super low annual membership cost.
  • Covers everyone in your family who live at the same address.

* The information provided here is to display the benefits of WellOne and by no means should be considered advice of your choice of private health cover.

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